Supersprox/DID Chain & Sprocket Kit Yamaha R1 1998-2014 - Choose Your Gearing

This is a variable gearing kit allowing you to choose the size of your sprockets.  If you need information about how to adjust your gears, please see Adjusting Your Gearing.

If you are looking for a standard gearing kit, please visit our Chain and Sprocket Kit section and filter the results by bike where you will find a Standard Gearing Kit specifically for your bike.


Kit comes complete with -


1- Supersprox sprocket (choice of Model, Colour and Size)

Options include- 

  • Supersprox Stealth Sprocket

  • Supersprox Aluminium Sprocket

  • Supersprox Steel Sprocket

Note, not all sprockets are available on all bikes

See more about Supersprox here.

 2 - Supersprox steel front sprocket (Choice of size)

 3 - A choice of chains from the following 530 pitch, 120 link chains


By clicking on the above products, you can visit their individual product pages for specific information.

As you can always shorten a chain, but you should never lengthen it, our "Choose Your Gearing" kit, comes with a 120 Link chain to allow you to make adjustments as required

Chains are usually in stock and ready for dispatch, but during busy periods they may need to be ordered, and will be dispatched within 2 working days.