Adjust your gearing

We as bike riders like to shop in two ways for a chain and sprockets.  

We either

  • Want to know what was on the bike without counting all the teeth, links, and having to read the manual, or
  • We want choice

A bike comes out the factory with gearing suitable for most roads and most conditions, but it is always a balance.  If you ride high speed roads all the time, or just go on a out on a country road blast, the requirements of the gears is very different.

If you ride track days or race, the variations will be even more important, a track like Snetterton will need a bike with a higher speed; as you'll lose more time on the straights, whereas at Pembrey, the track is tight and twisty, and therefore you'll need better acceleration.

Riders will often have a preference, but that may not suit you, so always feel free to try different gearing ratios- especially if you ride on the track.  Your efforts won't be wasted, even if you find the +3 on the rear isn't quite right at Donnington; if you only ran it for a day, it'll still be fresh, and you you can use it again, and may find it's perfect at Mallory Park.


General Rules

  • Changing the front by 1T equates to appoximately 3T on the rear
  • Reducing the number of teeth on the front has the a similar effect as increasing the number of teeth on the rear.  And vice versa
  • Reducing the front/Increasing the rear - Increases acceleration
  • Increasing the front/Reducing the rear - Increases top speed


View our gear ratio chart below to see how adjustments will affect your bike

Work out where the standard ratios of you bike sits, then see what your desired combination will become.  The bigger the difference, the more the change.


Each kit is created with a pair of Supersprox sprockets (View more on Supersprox here) and a DID chain or an Orange Afam XHR for KTMs.

  • Standard Gearing* - This kit is available with either a DID VX Pro Street Chain or the top spec DID ZVMX Superstreet chain.
  • Choose Your Gearing - This kit comes with a choice of front and rear sprockets, and a choice of chains from DID or Afam (KTM only at present).

To find your new sprocket kit, Click Here.  Where you can filter the available bikes to find that kits available.

If you don't need a full kit, you can also buy Chains and Sprockets separately.

Chain Length

Consider that you want a chain to fit the sprockets that you are purchasing.  If the bike takes a standard chain of 112 links, and you are increasing the sprocket by 3 teeth, its likely the original chain length will fit, although this will slightly shorten your wheel base, and you may want a 114 Link chain.  Most importantly, you can always shorten a chain, but you shouldn't ever lengthen it. Spending a couple of quid extra on a longer chain, saves you a lot against having to get another one.

As a result, any "Choose Your Gearing" kit, comes with a 120 Link chain to allow you to make adjustments as required.

If you know the size you want, choose your kit individually.


*We check multiple sources to establish the original spec chain and sprockets, but unfortunately, we may not always be right.  If you buy a kit and subsequently find we have given you the wrong information, please contact us, we will replace any incorrect products for free; providing they are unused, under our 30 Day Returns Guarantee.  Some bikes (Especially KTMs) will come out the factory with a different chain and sprocket on the bike than is listed in the manual, we stick to what we know from manuals, manufactures info and our completion. If you find differently, please let us know and we'll happily research and correct our information where required.

Please consider which length of chain you require as we cannot be responsible for damage caused by poor fitment.  If you are increasing your sprocket size, after about a 2 tooth increase its worth increasing the number of links.  Remember, you can always shorten a chain, but shouldn't ever extend it.

If you have any questions or require something not listed, please contact us.