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Supersprox was founder in 1959, in Wales UK. Supersprox are true world leaders in the production of performance motorcycle sprockets. A supplier and technical partner to many motorcycle producers, KTM Austria, Husqvarna Austria, Honda HRC Japan and Yamaha Japan. With a long tradition of expertise in the motorcycle field.

The company has supplied quality racing sprockets since 1959. Founded by Roger Maughfling, who was passionate enthusiast and loved all things with motors, but particularly motorcycles. He opened a motorcycle repair shop in Mid Wales UK. Parts were in short supply after WW2, so Roger began to make his own sprockets to put on the bikes in the shop. Eventually the motorcycle repair shop turned into a small sprocket production factory.

Over time more people joined the growing company as the market demanded higher quality parts. By 1975, the company had its own product name (Supersprox) and was to be found on bikes rolling out of Husqvarna Sweden and Maico Germany, Triumph and Norton in the UK. 

Supersprox now produce some of the best sprockets on the market, from Aluminium rear sprockets and steel countershaft sprockets to the beautifully designed Stealth Sprocket which mixes the best of both to provide longevity, style and weight saving.