Supersprox Chain & Steel Sprocket Kit for KTM Adventure 390 - Standard Gearing

Kit comes complete with -


1- Supersprox Steel sprocket (choice of colour) - Standard gearing

Note, not all sprockets are available on all bikes

See more about Supersprox here.


2 - Supersprox steel front sprocket - Standard gearing.


 3 - DID 520 VX 116 Link Pro Street Chain - Gold


Supersprox Steel Sprockets

Supersprox Steel sprockets have been developed on the race track to give long life and high performance for all street bikes.  They used CAD design and CNC laser cutting to ensure an exact fit.  They've been made to an excellent standard using Supersprox Tri-Zinc Electro Plating anti corrosion black finish.  These sprockets should last 3 times longer than any aluminium sprocket, but are the lightest Steel sprockets on the market.

This is an Edge sprocket with a recessed lip further reducing weight and allowing the addition of an aluminium face plate to allow a change of sprocket centre colour.  This gives similar appearance to the more expensive Stealth sprocket but at a more affordable price point.Exclusive teeth design offering unto 15% longer life

  • Lasts 3 times longer than any all Aluminium sprocket
  • CNC machined to produce some of the lightest steel sprockets on the market
  • Tri-Zinc Elector Plated to give a quality black finish and prevents rust
  • Now available as an Edge Sprocket reducing weight further and allowing a selection of aluminium coloured faces.