Supersprox Chain & Sprocket Kit for Ducati Panigale - Choose Your Gearing

This is a variable gearing kit allowing you to choose the size of your sprockets.  If you need information about how to adjust your gears, please see Adjusting Your Gearing.

If you are looking for a standard gearing kit, please visit our Chain and Sprocket Kit section and filter the results by bike where you will find a Standard Gearing Kit specifically for your bike.


Kit comes complete with -


1- Supersprox Edge Stealth sprocket (Choose your colour and gearing)

Note, not all sprockets are available on all bikes

See more about Supersprox here.


2 - Supersprox steel front sprocket - Choose your gearing.


 3 - DID ZVMX Super Street 525 pitch, 120 link chain

Due to the number of variables in a custom geared bike, we supply a 120 Link chain to ensure you have a chain of suitable size.  If you require a chain of a different length, please remove the 120 Link chain from your basket, and add the chain you require.  Any Sprocket kit discounts will still apply.


Supersprox Edge Stealth Sprockets

Supersprox Stealth sprockets have been developed to have longevity; using steel teeth, and style without compromising on weight; using a coloured aluminium carrier.
  • Stealth sprockets will last 3 times longer than any all Aluminium sprocket, yet on a comparable weight to strength ratio, will out-perform any steel sprocket.
  • Factory teams will use Supersprox Stealth sprockets over an all aluminium sprocket to compete in the Dakar Rally and Baja 1000
  • Stealth sprockets are riveted as this is the only way of creating the strength for a split high performance sprocket, Supersprox have not had a single rivet fail in the 11 years of production, and that is approx 5 million rivets! 
  • Changeable colour face - change the sprocket to whichever you colour you wish, whenever you wish