Renthal Ultralight and DID 520 Conversion Chain & Sprocket Kit for Suzuki GSX-R1000 2017> - Choose Your Gearing

This is a variable gearing kit allowing you to choose the size of your sprockets.  If you need information about how to adjust your gears, please see Adjusting Your Gearing.


Kit comes complete with - 

1- Renthal Ultralight Aluminium Sprocket - Choose your size

2- Renthal Ultralight Countershaft Sprocket - Choose your size

3- A choice of the following DID Chains -

    As you can always shorten a chain, but you should never lengthen it, our "Choose Your Gearing" kit, comes with a 120 Link chain to allow you to make adjustments as required

    Complete chain and sprocket kits come with a £10 saving over the standard price. If you require a different chain or sprocket combination not linked but available on the website, please update the basket with your requirements.  Any combination of front and rear sprocket with chain will attract the £10 saving.