EBC Sintered Racing Brake Pad GPFAX379



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Price is for a 2 packs of brake pads as pictured - enough for a twin caliper bike.

GPFAX Sintered Road Race Brake Pads have by far the highest known friction coefficient with a measurement between 0.6 and 0.7 and deliver the most amazing braking effect. EBC state a zero brake fade guarantee and that the heat stability is perfect, leaving the rider with high confidence and a product that can be used over numerous races.

GPFAX Sintered Road Race brake pads are a closed circuit use pad only and street riding with this material is highly inadvisable and dangerous. The high friction level delivered by these pads is ideal for track conditions with race tyres or slicks on prepared asphalt surfaces and NOT for use on the street or with road tyres. This material is not ECE R 90 approved nor TUV tested with a German ABE and use on the road is therefore illegal in many countries.