Venhill Braided Universal Single Throttle Cable Kit - 6mm - 2m

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High quality universal Braided single throttle cable kit, supplied with 2 metres of 6mm O.D stainless steel braided conduit, with a clear PVC cover. The conduit is fully lined and supplied with 2 metres of 1.5mm O.D. inner wire. a range of nipples and high quality chrome fittings are included. one end of the inner wire is fitted with a barrel nipple normally 6mm dia x 6mm. the other end will need to be cut to length and the required nipple soldered in place. The chrome ferrules and bends are a snug fit on the conduit. they can be bonded in place during the assembly if required. The fittings are based on Yamaha bikes but can be adapted for a range of models. You will need a basic soldering kit to solder the nipples in place. Go to downloads for instructions on making up your cables and soldering the nipples.
  • 2m of braided, lines 6mm conduit with clear PVC cover.
  • 2m of 1.5mm OD inner wire
  • Universal nipples and chrome fittings.