Termignoni 4uscite Full System D182 - Ducati Panigale V4 2018>

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The 4USCITE exhaust system D182 has been designed as a racing system, with the aim of providing maximum performance across the entire torque and power curve.

The chassis parts have been conceived so that design is integrated with riding comfort. The use of carbon fibre extends across all these components, starting with the two lateral half fairings raw, the two appendages – right and left – of the under-tail tip, the lateral right-hand heat shield, the under-tank protection and the mudguard/chain cover.

The exhaust system is split into two parts, the precision-cast head connections designed to offer the best fluid-dynamic performance and blend with the soft and harmonious curves of the pipe layout.

As well as the base version with stainless steel pipes and titanium tips, a full titanium version is also available.

The right and left half fairings, strictly carbon, are equipped with extraction and intake vents and blend with the bike’s unique lines. The right-hand part integrates the two lower exits which stand out as a result of the muscular titanium flange that assimilates them. The left-hand part mirrors the lines of the fairing and includes the opening for the standard lateral stand.
All the heat shields have been created in carbon fibre integrated with a heat reflective material for greater protection at high temperatures.
The under-tail silencer is attached to the rear frame with a billet Ergal support and is characterised by its titanium sleeve and carbon end cap, created so as to blend perfectly with the design of the V4 tail. 

Lastly, the kit will also include the exclusive UpMap T800 device, containing the available mappings with which to best calibrate the Panigale V4 control unit in combination with the D182 system. This is a single map and if changing the air filter, this will need to be done at the same time.

As well as the Racing kit, a Road Kit integration is also available, including a carbon fibre support for the licence plate, light and indicators (the support supplied makes use of the standard wiring, indicators, light and registation plate).

In terms of performance, the complete system offers significant improvement across the entire torque and power curve.
Specifically, the power increase recorded is in the region of 6.5 %.

Titanium - Carbon - Stainless Steel - Ergal have developed the D182 for the Ducati Panigale V4,

  • Stainless Steel Pipes
  • Titanium Tips
  • Left and right side lower carbon fairings (Please not this is raw carbon and can be painted or lacquered)
  • Carbon Heat Shields
  • Carbon end cap
  • T800 Upmap
  • Racing air filter
  • 6.5% power increase
  • Removable baffles

Please note - These are marked Not for Road Use - if required for road use, add the full carbon road kit (inc tail tidy), this fits to the original wiring loom.

Pictures are for display purpose only.

View the Termignoni D182 here (and turn your speakers up)


Termignoni is a Special Order product, these will be delivered from the factory and usually take 3-4 weeks.  If you have any questions regarding delivery or availability of other Termignoni products, please ask.