Supersprox Stealth 520 Pitch Rear Sprocket RST-7091:46 - (520, 76mm Centre, 100mm PCD)

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520 Pitch sprocket suitable for aftermarket wheels from BST, OZ, Rotobox and Marchesini

SupersproxStealth sprockets have been developed to have longevity; using steel teeth, and style without compromising on weight; using a coloured aluminium carrier.

  • Stealth sprockets will last 3 times longer than any all Aluminium sprocket, yet on a comparable weight to strength ratio, will out-perform any steel sprocket.
  • Factory teams will use Supersprox Stealth sprockets over an all aluminium sprocket to compete in the Dakar Rally and Baja 1000
  • Stealth sprockets are riveted as this is the only way of creating the strength for a split high performance sprocket, Supersprox have not had a single rivet fail in the 11 years of production, and that is approx 5 million rivets! 

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  • 520 Pitch
  • 76mm Centre
  • 100mm PCD
  • 5x 10.5mm Bolt Holes
  • 46 Tooth

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