SBS Racing Sinter Brake Pads 566RST (full Set)



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SBS produce brakes pads for teams in the top levels of racing in Superbike, Supersport and endurance championships. This experience means the SBS race compounds are amongst the top performing brake pads in the world.  They are developed specifically for competition and race track use.

The new Racing Sinter (RST) is an ideal and affordable choice track days, or combined road/track bikes. 

  • Sintered compound available for modern sport- and cup-bike standard brake systems
  • Excellent for stainless steel or cast iron brake discs/rotors
  • Strong initial bite, linear in-stop performance with good brake feel and control
  • NRS Technology - an indestructible bond between the backing plate and friction material.

This is 2 Pairs of Pads to fit a twin caliper bike.