PDQ Factory CNC Machined Aluminium Lever Guard


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This lever guard has been designed and built in the UK, made using aircraft grade aluminium, with a machined inner surface to produce a light, strong and fantastic quality lever guard - up there with the best machined parts available in the world.

The guard has been produced with an internal machined fracture point to help prevent the hand being caught during an accident

A stainless steel bolt has been machined specifically to work with an angled handlebar attachment so the lever body can be angle inwards or outwards to suit different lever types and requirements

Supplied with 2 different sized expander tubes to allow fitment to different sized bars.  These have been machined to splay on both ends to provide a more secure fitment.

All parts are available separately - Please ask for details

  • UK designed and built
  • Universal Bar end fitting lever guard
  • Fits hollow bars with internal diameter 15mm+
  • Fits all bars available from WSC Performance
  • Adjustable to accommodate various levers and requirements
  • CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminium
  • Machined fracture point for added safety during accidents
  • Total weight 153g