JMT Lithium Ion Battery HJT12B-FP-SI



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JMT 12V maintenance free Lithium-Ion direct replacement battery

By replacing your standard lead-acid battery with a JMT lithium-ion battery, you can save up to 5 kg of weight.

Due to the properties of a Lead-acid batteries, they can only use approx 30% of their capacity, while nearly 100% of the capacity is available for a lithium-ion battery.  As a result, the lithium versions of the JMT battery requires only 1/3 the capacity of a comparable lead-acid battery for the same starting power.

JMT use a built in processor (or Balancer) to ensure a uniform state of charge of all cells.

The dimensions of the lithium-ion battery match the dimensions of the original lead-acid batteries (sometimes using adapters) and the connections are identical, therefore the battery is a direct replacement for the original.  Due to the lack of acid, a Lithium battery can be mounted in any position and is suitable for use in temperatures of up to 60°C

  • Approx. 1/3 of the weight of the comparable lead-acid battery
  • Unbeatable cost / weight savings ratio
  • Can be installed in any position, as there is no acid
  • Contains no heavy metals
  • Fast charging using an appropriate charger (up to 90% in 6 min)
  • Low self-discharge (max 5% per month)
  • safe technology and long service life
  • 12 V maintenance-free lithium-ion battery
  • Charging current recommended at 2.5A
  • maximum charge current for fast charge 24 A
  • 5Ah - standard 10Ah
  • 60Wh
  • 300A(CCA)
  • Dimensions - 150x130x65mm (LxHxW) - Spacers can increase height to 137/144mm
  • 0.9Kg
  • Comparable in dimensions and connections with the Yuasa YT12B-BS/YT14B-BS

Please note that you must only use a suitable Lithium Ion battery charger - please see our Lithium Optimate charger.


Under no circumstances should chargers be used which attempt to desulphurate deep-discharged batteries under 10 volts with a voltage of more than 14.9 volts before they begin the actual charge.

The maximum charging voltage of 14.9 volts must never be exceeded.

JMT Battery codes explained 

 S - Spacer

The battery is equipped with one or more spacers which can be fixed under the battery to ensure the battery fits exactly into the battery box.

 W - Waterproof

The battery is completely waterproof even when whilst cleaning with a pressure washer.

 I - Indicator

All JMT batteries are equipped with a battery condition indicator.  Just press the test button.