Domino XM2 Push/Pull Quick Action Throttle for Yamaha R3 4006.03

Domino XM2 throttle assembly is constructed of light aluminium alloy with titanium bolts and screws that guarantee low weight and long lasting hold. The XM2 throttle control is sold with 3 rings: 

White ring speed - 2.6°/mm max stroke 36mm

Red ring speed - 2.7°/mm max stroke 25mm

Green ring speed - 2.9°/mm max stroke 33mm

The lower the °/mm, the faster the throttle opens. Maximum stroke refers to the distance the cable is pulled into the throttle housing.

Essential for racing and track days

Suitable to fit with original cables of the Yamaha YZF R3 2013-2018

Why not add a grips for the finishing touch?