DID 520 ERV7 Racing chain - 120 Links - Gold

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The ERV chain has been DIDs top of the range racing chain, created for MotoGP and used by the top Superbike and Road racing teams - Where tenths of a second and ounces matter.

The ERV has dimpled pin heads to reduce weight without compromising the strength of the  chain.

  • 520 Pitch 
  • 120 Links

If you're not sure which racing chain to buy, consider the below chart.

Each 120L chain has been weighed and the data compared with manufacturers tensile strength records and converted to allow easy comparison.

RK offer a useful lower weight chain for the 600cc class.  We stock all of the below chains and spare rivet links - if you need a longer chain, please ask.

 Manufacturer Model Link Colour Weight (g per 120 Links) Strength (Lbs/KN) Max cc
DID ERV7 click here Gold/Gold 1873g 8800lbs/39.14KN 1000cc
RK UWR Click here
Gold/Steel 1877g 8363lbs/37.2KN 1000cc
RK XRU click here Gold/Gold 1880g 8992lbs/40KN 1000cc
RK RUWR click here 7936lbs/35.3KN 600cc
Tsubaki Racing Pro click here Gold/Gold 1931g 8542lbs/38KN 1000cc
Renthal RR4
click here Gold/Steel 2079g 8206lbs/36.5KN 1000cc