Capit Smart Spina Tyre Warmers



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Capit Smart Spina tyre warmers are suitable for both amateur and professional racers, they have been designed to be practical and efficient, with an excellent price/quality balance

The Smart Spina is made with the same innovative and exclusive 'TNT' self-adjusting heating technology as the Supreme Spina, which does not require a thermostat, fixing the temperature to 85oC.

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  • Heating radial cable within teflon (no less than 40 meters) reduces heating time and ensures uniform heat distribution.
  • TNT Heating System: self-adjusting 85°C system without thermostat. (uniform temperature throughout the tyre within 60 mins).
  • Waterproof, Ripstop teflon outer liner.
  • Anti-wear and Fireproof Internal lining i
  • Silcon power cable, resistant up to 200°C.
  • Velcro closure.
  • Operating control light.
  • UK 230V Plug