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C and W Performance Motorcycle Parts

WSC Performance is a trading name of WSC Performance limited , Company no 9567767

Chains and Sprockets

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Chain and Sprocket Kits



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Chain and Sprocket Kits

Select your manufacturer and model from the below list.  You can then chose the colour of the sprocket, type and colour of the chain.

These kits come with a Supersprox Stealth  rear sprocket, a Supersprox steel front sprocket and either a heavy Duty DID VX X-Ring chain or an Extra Heavy Duty DID ZVMX X-Ring chain in either black or gold

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Select your manufactuer


Supersprox are true world leaders in the production of performance bike sprockets.  The company has supplied quality racing sprockets since 1959. Founded by Roger Maughfling who opened a motorcycle repair shop in Mid Wales UK. By 1975 he had specialised in sprocket production, and the company has now been passed down to his son DJ Maughfling.  Their main passion is in the production of technical sprockets, like the Supersprox-Stealth. This is a technically advanced product and represents a real advancement in sprocket technology.

Supersprox Stealth Sprocket

Supersprox Stealth sprockets have been developed to have longevity and style without compromising on weight.

Stealth sprockets will last 3 times longer than any Aluminium sprocket, yet on a comparable weight to strength ratio, will out-perform any steel sprocket.

Factory teams will use Supersprox Stealth sprockets over an all aluminium sprocket to compete in the Dakar Rally and Baja 1000

Stealth sprockets are riveted as this is the only way of creating the strength for a split high performance sprocket, Supersprox have not had a single rivet fail in the 11 years of production, and that is approx 5 million rivets! 


D.I.D have created an X-Ring chain which is designed for high performance motorcycles.  The patented X-Ring design reduces friction by twisting between the side plates instead of being squashed like an O-Ring.  These squashed areas increase friction which transfers into power loss.  The X-Ring design allow 4 points of contact between sealing surfaces, this greatly increases the sealing performance keeping dirt out and lubrication in, ensuring greater wear resistance.

DID VX X-Ring Chain

In developing the Pro-Street VX Series, D.I.D focused on improving chain “Rigidity”. Traditionally, “Tensile Strength” has been used to measure the strength of a chain. But Tensile Strength is only a laboratory measurement of a chain’s “breaking point”. Rigidity increases a chain's ability to withstand forces that occur in a rider’s real world experience. Rigidity increases power transfer from the engine to the ground and greater resistance to stretching under load. This translates into smooth handling and quicker response time. 

D.I.D’s PRO-Street VX Series Chains are a perfect match for your dual sport, sport bike or sport touring bike.

To maximise performance, ZVM-X chains have D.I.D’s race proven low friction X-Rings, please contact me if you require one.