Goldfren Sintered Racing Brake Pads GP5 214

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Price is for a 2 packs of brake pads as pictured - enough for a twin caliper bike. (Yes that's right, £30.99 for a full set of racing brake pads)

The GP Series of brake pads is designed for road racing.  It's recommended for riders who demand the best feel and stoping power on the track and is deigned for Race Use.  They are designed for faster bedding in and high performance even under the heaviest of breaking conditions.

The Ceramic composite/Sintered metal material allows high braking power with low noise.  It also contains a stainless steel heat shield for thermal isolation.  

  • Consistant maximum operating temperature < 550°C
  • Short term maximum operating temperature <800°C
  • Equivalent part numbers - EBC FA390/Brembo 07HO50
If you're looking for something with higher temperature resistance, look at the Goldfren GPR pad.