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C and W Performance Motorcycle Parts

WSC Performance is a trading name of WSC Performance limited , Company no 9567767

Domino XM2 Quick Action Throttle/Universal Cable and Grips


Domino XM2 throttle assembly is constructed of light aluminium alloy with titanium bolts and screws that guarantee low weight and long lasting hold. The XM2 throttle control is sold with 3 rings: the white ring with 55° opening for a normal guide, the red ring with progressive opening to 53° for a sporting guide and a green ring with 60°opening for a guide on the wet.


This Domino XM2 Throttle assembly is sold WITH Domino Dual Density Racing grips in a choice colours - Please select the colour you require (Grip Colour/Detail Colour)


Also includes the Domino XM2 Universal cable code 5430.96

Grip Colour