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C and W Performance Motorcycle Parts

WSC Performance is a trading name of WSC Performance limited , Company no 9567767

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Over 40 years ago, the sandy, gritty soil of The Netherlands – and the resulting engine failures – proved that single, foam and paper filters gave riders air flow, but failed at protection. Twin Air’s breakthrough, fused-dual-layer design (now widely copied) combined performance and protection. The fused layers of open-pore foam and fine inner foam trap even the smallest particles. The new, rounder design boosts airflow. So do the minimized seams made possible by a revolutionary micro-gluing process: Shorter seams = more foam = more flow. Twin Air then set the standard of excellence in air filter oils.  They continue to set those high standards with both the Original and Bio oils and a selection of cleaning products 

Twin Airs breakthrough, fused-dual-layer design combined performance and protection. The fused layers of open-pore foaming fine inner foam trap even the smallest particles.  

They are assembled by hand and inspected for a perfect fit - Reusing a Twin air filter 40-50 times is common.  

The FR version has a backfire resistant foam laminated to the inside eliminating the need for the backfire screen

Original Dual-Stage Air Filter

Twin Airs breakthrough, fused-dual-layer design  combined performance and protection - Now pre-oiled.  You just have to install it and use it.


A Pre Oiled filter is submerged in Bio Liquid Power Oil and massaged to ensure all the pores are evenly coated.  Its then placed in a temperature-controlled room to allow the oil to cure.  

Pre-Oiled Dual-Stage Air Filter

Twin Air also offer a selection of foam barriers, oil filters, fuel filters, air box covers dust covers and power flow filters.  All these are of the same fantastic quality as the original filters.  Currently our selection is small, however its ever expanding.  If you can't see what you want, please ask.

Other Twin Air Filters

Cleaning and Maintenance